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Forty Delicious Years 1974-2014

Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali

compiled by Jonathan Copeland, Rob Goodfellow & Peter O’Neill

2014, 152 pp., 43 b & w photos, 21 x 14.5 cm, softbound.

ISBN-13: 978-974-524-181-7 $12.95

Book review by Bill Dalton

(The Bali Advertiser ‘Toko Buku’ column - 17 February, 2016)

Forty Delicious Years, Murni's Warung 1974-2014: From Toasted Sandwiches to Balinese Smoked Duck, published in 2014, was a natural outcome of the 40th anniversary of Murni's Warung when Murni presided over the book's launch, spoke and signed copies. This book tells the story of one of Bali's most enduring culinary landmarks from its beginnings as a humble roadside stall on the side of a river gorge to become an institution. Narrated by some of . the warung's eclectic and most intriguing patrons, with a preface by Murni herself, the collection of vignettes, anecdotes and testimonkils makes easy and immensely enjoyable reading.
   It applauds all that is worthwhile in life - good food, gracious hospitality, shared laughter and the warm company of friends. The reminisces are especially compelling from the perspective of its 40 famous contributing authors, artists, scholars, adventurers and notable long-time Bali expats. The book was edited by Jonathan Copeland. Rob Goodfellow and Peter O'Neill Bring your copy to the restaurant, or get it there, and Murni will sign it Murni's fine arts credentials are impeccable. During her adult life she has passionately dedicated herself to collecting Asian antiques and textiles. Munri was the first person in Ubud to establish a proper gallery of antiques, textiles, costumes, old beads, tribal jewelry, stone carvings, masks and other ethnic pieces. Many of these unique museum quality artifacts are to be found in Murni's Warung Shop beside her restaurant. In the course of pursuing her hobby, she has become an acknowledged authority.

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